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At St developers,We have excellent technical training and extensive experience in academic and business projects, whether for small websites or for large web systems, we always offer the best solutions to customers’ needs. Through the use of free software and the most advanced technologies that the market offers, we develop fully customized systems to reduce costs and increase productivity in companies’ business processes.

We create and develop innovative and personalized websites for the dissemination of corporate content, we use hotsites as specific communication and marketing actions to promote a new product, service or brand in a short period of time. We also develop portals focused on publishing content that is fully manageable and integrated with social networks.

Within the web development service are the following jobs:

  • Web Interface Design
  • Institutional Portals
  • Newsletters Creation
  • Site Remodeling
  • Domain registration
  • Database Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • Ecommerce Applications

It can be said that developing websites is an immense pleasure for Wendel Moreira. It is part of your daily life, your vocation and your love for digital art. With a good team, we try to make each website developed unique, distinct and complete, combining technology with creativity and design.

The team follows the best practices in the market regarding technological choices and programming languages, keeping innovation always present in everything they develop.

Stages of website development

The website development process is divided into 6 parts:

1 – Requirements gathering (briefing). It is where the research is going to be done and presented to the client for analysis. It is also where the necessary data for development are collected.

2 – Website layout development. Where the “face” of the website is developed, with its purposes and presented to the client for analysis. In this phase, software ergonomics techniques are applied, which are essential for the success of a website.

3 – Development of the website features. Where tools are developed that can be used by the client and his visitors. Always at the end of the development of each tool, it is presented to the client for evaluation.

4 – Test. It is the phase where tests are carried out to avoid future errors, which could cause losses to the customer.

5 – Completion of development. It is the phase where the site is delivered to the client with all the requested features. However, we advise hiring the SEO consulting service, where the content of the site is worked on and other techniques are used for a potential client to find such site.

6 – Maintenance. It is the phase in which in some cases Wendel Moreira is hired to maintain and produce content for the website

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