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At St developers Digital Marketing Services can help your business

Among the digital marketing services that we offer, as consultants, we recommend that your company develop its strategies and actions on the Internet based on a Digital Marketing Plan, created from an analysis of its main online competitors. This Online Competition Analysis will allow you to map your competitors’ strategies, identify the keywords associated with your business and check what are the strengths and weaknesses of the actions you already take on the web. Your website should be the centerpiece of your strategy . It is there that you must concentrate your efforts to inform about your products and / or services and seek the conversion of visitors. For this, its design must be attractive and adapted to the different devices . Mobile is the main source of access to the internet, so your strategies should also include this format.

For your site to be found, you need to use search engine optimization techniques – SEO . It is a medium and long term work for consolidation in the search results pages. In addition, paid search strategies are also important to win over your audience based on keywords related to your business. In addition to Google, social media are also important tools for running these ads, which can take on the most diverse formats, according to the purpose and reach that your brand wants to have.

Social media are fundamental today because they are the sites that condone most of the daily access on the internet. Therefore, it is necessary to plan well the management of your social networks . They work to facilitate interactions with your audience and analyze how they behave online, to offer their products and / or services, and to strengthen and give relevance to your brand.

Implementing Digital Marketing Solutions

Our experience shows that the planned objectives are more easily achieved by customers in which the digital marketing plan is executed in 4 hands, that is, with the actions to be developed distributed between the client’s team and WSI, depending on the degree of specialization needed and available human resources.

There are situations, however, where the client’s team is very busy, with all their time taken up by their operational activities; in these cases, WSI assumes the execution of all the actions of the plan and reports, as necessary, the results obtained and the suggested improvements.

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