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E-Business Plan

Building E Business Plan

At ST Developers we offer Building E Business Plan services. Planning is one of the most important steps for the entrepreneur and can define the success of your company or project. With the plan in hand, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to anticipate possible mistakes and to know the weaknesses and strengths of the business. You can reach the market with more security and knowledge.

Many new entrepreneurs end up experiencing several difficulties, in the initial months of opening the business, for not planning correctly. In addition to having ideas, finding a commercial point and knowing the costs, planning the company’s future is essential. To avoid future risks, the preparation of the business plan is essential.

The business plan is the ideal instrument to draw a picture of the market, the product and the entrepreneur’s attitudes. It is through it that you will have detailed information on your industry, products and services, customers, competitors, suppliers and, mainly, strengths and weaknesses of the business, contributing to the identification of the viability of your idea and the company’s management.

The business plan  is important both for those who are opening the business and for those who are expanding the enterprise . It is worth noting that this planning does not eliminate risks, but it prevents mistakes from being made due to the lack of analysis, reducing the uncertainties of your business.

  • Organizes ideas when starting a new venture.
  • It guides the expansion of companies already in operation.
  • Supports business management, whether in numbers or strategies.
  • Facilitates communication between partners, employees, customers, investors, suppliers and partners.
  • It raises funds, whether financial, human or partnerships.

Tips for making a good financial and operational plan:

  • Present each item in detail, step by step, to offer an initial overview of how the business will operate, in order to avoid waste and optimize routines.
  • Pre-operating costs must be projected, identifying what will be necessary to acquire for the company to be opened, such as rent, space renovation and registration fees.
  • The list of equipment (tools and vehicles, elements that the company will need to function) falls within the group of fixed investments.
  • At that time, the immediate need for each item must be observed or even if some of them can be rented or outsourced.

Remember that preparing a business plan is not an easy task, as it requires persistence, commitment, research, hard work and a lot of creativity.

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