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E-Commerce Plan

E-Commerce Plan

E-Commerce Business Plan

At St developers we are offering E-commerce business plan services. The business plan is the ideal instrument to draw a profile of the market where the entrepreneur seeks his space. It is possible to evaluate from the product and the entrepreneur’s attitudes, which provides security for those who want to start a company with greater conditions of success or even expand or promote innovations in their business.

The plan will guide in the search for detailed information about your industry, products and services, customers, competitors, suppliers and, mainly, about the strengths and weaknesses of the business, contributing to the identification of the viability of your idea and in the management of the company. Some requirements are considered as a starting point for the elaboration of a strategic e-commerce plan.


Market and sector

Some requirements are considered as a starting point for the elaboration of a strategic e-commerce plan. Preparing to prepare a plan involves answering the questions listed below.

Some questions refer to the market and sector and others refer to the characteristics of your company.

What are the characteristics of the online market for this product in the world?

What portion of product sales are driven by e-commerce?

In which countries are most of the potential customers for online sales of this product concentrated?

What types of customers buy through this medium and what are their buying habits?

Which competitors use the internet as a sales channel? What is its size and characteristics?

What are the technical and regulatory requirements for online sales?


Company E commerce business planning services.

  • Does the company have the production and logistics processes necessary for an e-commerce operation?
  • Have technical issues related to e-commerce been resolved?
  • Have the forms of payment to be accepted already been decided?
  • Has the form of disclosure of the site been considered?
  • Does the company have the human and financial resources necessary to implement e-commerce?
  • Are managers fully committed to the implementation and operation of e-commerce?
  • Are people in the company aware of the changes required to implement e-commerce? Are you committed to these changes?
  • Has the employees been trained, or is there any type of training planned?

These questions are the basis for the elaboration of a plan to implement e-commerce in your company. If, initially, some of the questions indicated have not been answered, the plan itself should outline the answers, in terms of actions to be taken.

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