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Looking for the best email marketing service? Just testing your trials, but we give you some tips. Our system was designed for small and medium companies.

At stdevelopers Email we offer a set of integrated, automated and robust features configured to help companies of any size. A powerfully simple and simply powerful email marketing solution designed to help you create and send compelling campaigns with ease.

Engagement tools designed to help your company guide its customers through the ideal customer journey. Bring your customers to your content through subscription forms that automatically fit into any space on your site, if you wish. We also have automated tracking tools to keep in touch with your subscribers. Aim at your goal, do tests and monitor your result.

We cannot consider that email marketing is a thing without any interaction with the way your company communicates on your website. Everything needs to talk and, mainly, complement each other. Combining multiple channel acquisition and activation strategies for your users is the only way for you to achieve high penetration in your target audience. So, when you think about your email marketing plan, try to understand how it can best complement your other marketing actions.

Global First Class Support

Benchmark recognizes the importance of being represented locally, with native people who speak the same language as you, to help support and also a friendly face to welcome you at any local fair and event. That is why Benchmark is available in nine different languages ​​and has offices in fifteen countries around the world.

Our People & Culture

We can admire the growth of our company beyond the offices, expanding around the world and meeting so many people who work so well together. This set of smart, talented, funny and hard-working people is what makes Benchmark special.

Services We Work With

Dedicated to the service, safety and satisfaction that Benchmark delivers, by partnering with many of the most respected companies and organizations in our space.

The email marketing service Drip has a series of intelligent marketing automation tools that make it very interesting for those who want to make very specific segmentations.

In fact, it is an ideal email marketing platform for those who have an e-commerce, exactly because of this more advanced segmentation power, in addition to easy integration with website builders such as WooCommerce and WordPress, including allowing to include lead capture forms directly in your site.

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