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We at st developers Graphic design covers all types of visual communication projects, such as a logo, a business card, the interface of a website, an advertisement, a banner, the cover of a book, etc. It is a very broad area of ​​knowledge that, from the point of view of its application, can be divided into two main areas: printed media and digital media.

Regardless of the piece that the designer is creating, in all cases, it will always be up to the professional to define and reproduce the best balance between concept, aesthetics and functionality.

Each project has its own requirements and restrictions, which vary according to the media, the product, the public, the competitors, the budget, among many other factors.

A good graphic design project is carried out by a professional capable of associating his creative baggage with holistic thinking and a sense of priority, building a piece that communicates clearly, translates the brand’s values ​​and delights consumers.


  • Visual Identity
  • Web Design
  • Softwares
  • Multimedia
  • Stationary store
  • Point of sale
  • Editorial
  • Illustration

* Our services are modular and can be hired according to your needs


One of the primary functions of design is to minimize consumer effort. Every time he interacts with your brand, the experience needs to be positive, and it will not happen if he is confused, lost, or even oblivious to your communication.

Understanding what a folder is about needs to be easy. Recognizing yourself as a brand’s audience needs to be easy. Understanding the message of an ad needs to be easy. Navigating an institutional website needs to be easy. And so on. In addition to an attractive presentation, a graphic design project must necessarily be clear and understandable, otherwise your brand may lose its turn.


We are daily impacted by thousands of information, advertisements, new products and services. In the midst of this constant turmoil, your brand will always have a very short space of time to hold the attention of your audience.

The first impression has become more valuable than ever and, in order to stand out in whatever channel of dissemination, graphic design is the first factor to be taken into account. All that consumers do not need today is a brand that does not add anything on top of what they already know, and the tendency of companies that have not yet realized this is to become invisible.

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