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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing. Many people are familiar with the fun and “social” side of social media, but what many don’t know is that each social media platform has an advertising tool behind it. We can take advantage of social media advertising to send traffic directly from social media to your website and track how many leads and sales arrive as a result. It is a great tool to target users within a specific demographic or who have certain interests and behaviors.

Benefits of our Social Network Marketing services

The basic strategies mentioned above result in individual concepts that can also be combined. In practice, it is primarily about raising awareness , improving customer loyalty, improving access to the target group and communication.

  • Direct customer contact: Social media can be used as a means of customer service. Customers contact companies by message, rating, or status posting. If the company reacts immediately or relatively quickly, there is a proximity to the customer that cannot be reached by other means.
  • Interest group building: Groups, blogs and forums can be used to create networks of common interests. Although this is only possible for certain products and services, such a meeting of users with a real interest in the product and the possibility of exchange is almost only conceivable on social networks.
  • Events: Concerts and events are a popular way to reach customers, especially in the catering sector.
  • Interactive campaigns: Giveaways, vouchers, game apps and surveys are ways to attract potential customers.
  • Sales and distribution: Here you can make sales of reduced products and other sales concepts.
  • Reputation, Image and Authority: Experience can be gained by providing solid information. The image and the advertising campaigns serve to create a good reputation.
  • Viral Marketing: Certain content encourages users to share. This content is virally processed as it is distributed by many users. This can also be done by so-called “influencers”.
  • SEO: With a presence on social networks, social signals can be sent to search engines. Profiles on Twitter, Facebook and Co. are usually indexed by search engines and appear relatively high on SERPs . The high interaction rates (likes, comments, actions) are additional positive signals that let search engines know that users find the offer interesting.
  • Monitoring of Social Networks: Companies have numerous possibilities in the areas of information and control. These data can be used in many ways. For example, to better understand customers and increase customer loyalty, or to track the brand.
  • Traffic: Social media is a great way to attract visitors to blogs or websites. A prerequisite for this is, of course, good content.

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