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Video marketing is a strategy that consists of using audiovisual content to attract, convert and retain customers. The possibilities are several: the video can serve to introduce the company, explain a product, teach about its market.

What is the importance of Video Marketing in the Digital Marketing strategy?

We say that the videos are engaging content due to their visual appeal. But not only that. A good video strategy also serves to improve your SEO, make your target audience convert more and, of course, sell more and better. Learn the main reasons for investing in a video strategy.

Anyone who thinks that SEO (search engine optimization, or search engine optimization) lives is only wrong. The acronym is part of most digital strategies and can benefit a lot from videos.

This goes for both YouTube (which is the second largest search engine in the world) and also for your blog, since a video contributes to improving the user experience on your site, something very much taken into account by Google.

Furthermore, if you do a search within Google itself you will notice that some results already show video content. That is, it is a good opportunity to generate qualified traffic for your business.

3. Increase engagement on your social networks

A good video strategy makes people realize your presence on these networks, since by adding audiovisual content you increase the reach of your posts more than with any other type of material (according to Social Bakers ).

More interest generates more likes, comments and shares, essential to be able to create your audience and increase engagement with them. This buzz, when done well, ends up increasing the interest in your sales funnel, which is directly reflected in sales.

4. Increase the chances of conversion

While good descriptions and photos are great tools to showcase a product or service, video has the ability to bring life to what once seemed static. It is much easier for a potential customer to have a real idea of ​​what they are going to buy.

Videos work with perceptions and emotions

Finally, it is necessary to think about the structure of the audiovisual itself and its human perception. What makes video strategy so interesting? In fact, it deals with different human perceptions:

  • It is easier for people to believe words that are said by other people. In other words: when we see someone on the screen explaining a product or giving their opinion, our brain increases the capacity for absorption and acceptance of speech.
  • The perception of the audiovisual movement is also a crucial factor for success in capturing information. Our brain perceives things in motion better (something that, in cave times, was essential for our survival). The video then has the ability to attract and keep the viewer’s attention focused.

Personal video marketing

It’s not just brands that need to create authority and gain recognition on the web. Professionals and entrepreneurs also need to invest in marketing. And videos can help with that.

It is perfectly possible to include video production within a personal marketing strategy , using this type of content to highlight your professional characteristics in a more effective and interactive way.

3. Commercial video

This type of content is easy to identify. They are video advertisements, produced to disclose a brand’s products or services to the market.

In this format, the objective is to show consumers not only the product itself, but how it works, its differentials compared to competitors and qualities.

The intention is, basically, to “sell the fish” of the brand and generate in the audience the desire to acquire this product.

4. Educational video

Educational videos are any type of audiovisual content whose main objective is to teach something to the public, such as a concept or skill.

With the popularization of the internet, these videos have gained more relevance, giving rise to the fever of video lessons . After all, a large number of people are interested in acquiring knowledge. And video, as we have seen, is one of the best formats for transmitting information.

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